I loooove sewing! Especially dresses. I recently made my favorite one so far, this pretty flowery one with deer buttons! I bought the fabric (maybe you remember it from this post! I used it as a background haha) at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, I guess it was pretty old because it was really dusty. So I washed it and turned into this great fitting dress. The top gets a bit poofy when I wear it, just the way I like it! I don’t like my clothes too tight (or too boring, for that matter). I’m working on a horse dress at the moment, but will update on that one later. Anyway, this new dress is a great opportunity to show you some more of the clothes I’ve sewn (I knit a lot of stuff too but that is for another post)!

1. Made from a WWF duvet cover I used to looooove as a child! It doesn’t fit my duvet anymore so I made a dress out of it! 2. Made from a duvet cover I bought at my favorite thrift store for 1 euro! 3. Made from a duvet cover I bought on marktplaats which still cracks me up every time! 4. Fabric I actually bought at a fabricstore haha. Bought it at Jan Sikkes in Haarlem! 5. Same as 4, but this one has the best buttons ever! Not sure where I bought those though.. 6. Made from a duvet cover I bought at the Waterdag flea market.
I made some more dresses but these are my favorites. I wear them a lot so they are starting to look a bit eh, worn. But when I put them on they still look cute.

I like to make low crotched pants as well! (And look at that chicken!) I bought this AWESOME turtle fabric at queens day last year. This used to be a duvet cover as well and every time I wear it I wonder what little boy used to sleep under this haha! (I wanted to say “sleep under my pants” but that sounded a bit off hahah!)

Made this from the same duvet cover fabric as dress 3! Crazy pants!

I will make a post of stuff I’ve knitted soon! Hope you enjoyed!

Words Anne, Pictures Anne