Me and my mom went out for a day of buying junk at a flea market at the Ijhallen in Amsterdam!

So I painted kitties on my nails,

put on a pretty dress and a pretty belt (used to be my moms when she was my age!),

and cuddled with my seriously old but cute kittycat Katrien! Then me and my mom where off to Amsterdam!

This fleamarket was held at some sort of huuge old factory hall which was really weird but pretty cool as well.

So sad.

Wish I would’ve bought that cute santa guy.

Look at theeeese! Should have bought all of these too. Especially that cute fox on the right.

My score:

LOVE this awesome 1950’s squeaky toy! Bought this from an old lady who told me this used to be hers when she was a baby and her mom had stored them in some sort of limestone powder so they wouldn’t dry out or something. She wouldn’t stop talking haha! It was seriously cute. She had more old toys and I kind of regret not buying those too.

Can not believe how excited I am about this scrapbook haha! It’s totally filled with these AWESOME 1960’s horse postcards. So cute.

My mom bought these. An old tin she really loved for some reason (I think her mom used this stuff when she was young) and a string bean cutting machine. My mom is so silly haha! I love it.

Another ugly animal shirt for my collection!

Finally! Under the Dome by Stephen King. I ADORE Stephen King and I own most Stephen King books and I needed this for my collection, but I refuse to buy Stephen King books in a regular bookstore haha. So I was really happy to find it here for almost nothing!

Cute knitted cardigan! It’s so soft and warm.

And it has these crazy poofy sleeves I like so much.

I’m in a really weird mood lately and the vibe of this flea market made me really anxious, so I wasn’t really in the mood to buy a lot. But in retrospect, this was a nice place to go and I will probably go there again! And I regret buying a lot of stuff!
Oh well.

Words & Pictures Anne