Pony People may appear to be just an illustration company, but is in fact a secret society with plans to make the world a more weird, glittery and colorful place. (sssh)

Pony People consists of Anne (with a Bachelor Degree in Illustrations) and Mirjam (with a Bachelor Degree in Film Studies). We love: animals, nature, making our own clothing, thrifting, photographing, watching horror films and reading horror books, watching films and reading books in general, making our own short films, baking and cooking (especially colorful things!).

As a company, Pony People can help you in various areas of illustration and design, including illustrations for magazines, animation films, books and commercial purposes. Pony People charges through the limits of the possible and ordinary to show you a new side of illustration. Hop on our backs to enter a world where only fresh, sharp, well thought-out, captivating and alluring colored illustrations exist!