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Anne and I thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite clothes with you now and then! So, this is the outfit that I wore to the Pietje Bell lecture of Tinkebell (only later did I realise it was very suitable, because Tinkebell is always dressed in pink!).

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Do you guys remember my PPDD animal drawings? Well! You probably did not know I drew those in one of these Moleskine notebooks which I absolutely love, and, I guess you did not know most of them GLITTER either?! I have used a lot of glitter and silver and gold paint in these drawings, but my scanner didn’t really show any of it. So, I have made some pictures (some in really weird angles) so you can see some sparkles!

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Another day at our favorite zoo (Artis) yesterday! We held a Pony People businessmeeting there (best place to have one) and then visited the new Collared Anteaters that Artis has bought (watch a video of them here, they are so cute). Unfortunately we only saw one, and he was very hard to photograph, but we did get some pics of a few of our other favorite animals!

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#1 Galago

#2 Garlic toad

#3 Grasshopper

#4 Armadillo

#5 Leafy Seadragon

#6 Piranha

#7 Sunbird

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