Someone recently showed me these amazing posters!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I didn’t know these yet. They were made in 1986 to promote milk in The Netherlands, and the slogan is a play on the normal milk-slogan “Melk. De witte motor.” (which means: Milk, the white engine – yeah, I know it sounds lame in English).

I seriously love these posters. I love their 50’s sci-fi vibe, the awesome aliens, the colors and the backdrop (like one of those highschool photos!). But most of all I love the awkwardness of the “alien” slogan. As if, if aliens could speak, they would speak Dutch but would replace every M with Gn. And not even that, because that would turn “Melk” into “Gnelk”. But somewhere, someone decided (I imagine this to be during a very serious business meeting) that the L needed to be replaced by an R as well. This just makes NO SENSE. And therefore I love it <3 And if you pronounce it it sounds so funny :’)

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