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I tend to tweet a bit much about food so people ask me for recipes a lot! So I thought I’d add a new category to our blog; Horse’s mouth! Where I will post my favorite recipes. For this first HM I chose my best stuffed bellpepers recipe, since it is bellpepper season! (And I promised this recipe to half my twitter followers haha!)

You need:
3 bellpeppers in what ever color you like (I used green ones because I had these left over from my roasted bellpepper soup! Will post that one later.), 6 tomatos, 3 onions, 5 tablespoons of yoghurt (I use Alpro soya cuisine which is like soy cream, tastes just as good!), a pack of feta cheese (I use cheap Euroshopper feta because it is vegetarian! No dead animal rennet <3), some parmesan cheese (veggie!), about 250 grams of couscous, 5 cloves of garlic (I LOVE GARLIC, you can use less if you’d like), some goats cheese (vegetrian plz!), a big hand of walnuts, a pot of olives (green or black, or a mixture, what ever you like!), paprika powder, chili powder, 5 tablespoons of extra vierge olive oil and thyme (I used dried but fresh is always better).

How you do it:
First turn on your oven on about 180 C!

Cut your peppers in half and get rid of the stems and seeds.

Get some oil on your oven dish and put the peppers in with their hollow side down. Cover up with tin foil and bake for about 30 minutes in your pre-heated oven.

Chop up your tomatos and two of your onions, mix together in another oven dish.

Mix oil with two tablespoons of thyme, one tablespoon of paprika and two tablespoons of chili powder, and 3 pressed cloves of garlic (or less).

Mix in with your tomatos and onions.

Chop up walnuts and feta cheese and crumble the goats cheese. Mix together

Cut entire pot of olives into slices and mix with a chopped up onion, the yoghurt (or soy cream), the left over garlic, a tablespoon of thyme, a tablespoon of paprika and a tablespoon of chili powder. Mix well.

Fill up the peppers with the feta mixture, put the olive mixture on top of that and sprinkle with parmasan cheese.

Get it into that oven! For 30 minutes! Stir the tomato mixture around a bit every 10 minutes.

Cook your couscous in the meanwhile. I just poor hot water on top of it, cover it up in the tin foil I used for the peppers (we don’t want to be wasteful) and let it sit for a few minutes until cooked. But you can do what ever your couscous package says if you want to.

Done! It looks weird but God it smells good.

Put some couscous on your plate, put some of the tomato mixture on top of that and the bellpeppers on top of that. Yumyum! This picture doesn’t do justice to the taste of this. I could eat this all day everyday.


Words & pictures Anne

Dandyano asked me to make him an iPad sleeve! He had no idea what he wanted on it or what colours or what ever so he just let me do what ever I wanted to do. This is what happens when you let me do what ever I want :’)! It’s a portait of him riding his cat through space, if that wasn’t clear enough. I painted it with acrylics mixed with textile medium on hand-dyed cotton and the lining is made out of a thick fleece-like fabric. I sure hope he likes it!

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Someone recently showed me these amazing posters!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I didn’t know these yet. They were made in 1986 to promote milk in The Netherlands, and the slogan is a play on the normal milk-slogan “Melk. De witte motor.” (which means: Milk, the white engine – yeah, I know it sounds lame in English).

I seriously love these posters. I love their 50’s sci-fi vibe, the awesome aliens, the colors and the backdrop (like one of those highschool photos!). But most of all I love the awkwardness of the “alien” slogan. As if, if aliens could speak, they would speak Dutch but would replace every M with Gn. And not even that, because that would turn “Melk” into “Gnelk”. But somewhere, someone decided (I imagine this to be during a very serious business meeting) that the L needed to be replaced by an R as well. This just makes NO SENSE. And therefore I love it <3 And if you pronounce it it sounds so funny :’)

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Anne and I thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite clothes with you now and then! So, this is the outfit that I wore to the Pietje Bell lecture of Tinkebell (only later did I realise it was very suitable, because Tinkebell is always dressed in pink!).

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“Everything that would be good for the world”

Today we went to the Pietje Bell lecture of Tinkebell. The Pietje Bell lecture is an annual lecture organized by the Dutch newspaper NRC and the Kunsthal (which is a sort of museum). The aim of this lecture is to give people with remarkable or unusual opinions a stage to share their ideas. This year the lecture was given by Tinkebell, whom we love.

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Me and my mom went out for a day of buying junk at a flea market at the Ijhallen in Amsterdam!

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